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Solar Farms Ireland

We are interested to speak with land owners in Ireland who want to rent 25 acres or more of their land for a minimum of 25 years to enable the installation of a solar farm. An index-linked rental income will be paid directly to the land owner who can still use the land for grazing smaller animals such as sheep.

This opportunity is open to all land owners, however it may be ideally suited to part-time farmers who want to achieve a long term increase to their income without having to incurr any expense. Flat or south facing land with a gentle slope situated close to a substation or 38kV line is ideal.

Solar Farms are silent, have no moving parts, require very little maintenance and produce clean energy which is either delivered into the grid for use elsewhere, or in energy intensive industries, consumed on site.

Renting land for use as a solar farm delivers a good, reliable income, often at a higher level achieved than by farming the land. From the land owners side, it is very straight forward - you simply lease the land, and with our experienced partners we look after all the design, planning and grid connection applications, right up to the point it is ready to build. There is no concrete or permanent building product put into the ground. At the end of the lease the structure is removed and all the land is delivered back to you in its original state.

We are a 100% Irish owned company based in Ferns, Co.Wexford and have dealt with the development and sale of multi-MW solar farms in Germany, the UK and the US since 2007. During this time we have become very well connected to investment funds, manufacturing, and EPC companies that have substantial funds available now to invest into solar projects in Ireland.

A solar farm can command a wide range of price offers with some buyers offering substantially more for the same land than others. We are an independent company with many clients we can directly speak with who want to build solar farms in Ireland, so you receive the best deal and long term income your land will support.

We can also negotiate for you an additional land management contract with the buyers who will require a local partner to ensure grass and vegetation are kept under control.

If you are a land owner at the early stages of the process we can check if your land is suitable for a solar farm installation and advise on the steps to be taken in order to maximise the income potential of your land from a solar farm.

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Renewable Energy Investments

Investing in solar or wind based energy production that provides a sustainable, renewable and clean source of energy, backed by Government legislation and incentives, including guaranteed payment to investors for up to 20 years gives a high level of security and returns that are incomparable in the investment world today.

Renewable energies are increasingly attractive for investors of all sizes. The reasons are obvious: with government-led incentives the yields are attractive and predictable, long term cash stream is produced, and come with the technologies tested, insured and warranted for up to 25 years.

Renewable energy is the future. Production of electricity or heat from solar and bio-mass, along with other renewable sources, is the key to providing the long-term energy requirements of the worlds growing population.



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Harnessing Natural Energies to

Generate Long-Term, Secure Returns on Your Investment.

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