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Solar PV Installation Ireland

Would you like to reduce the amount you pay in electricity bills every month?

You can save money by installing a Solar PV system on the roof of your home or your business and produce clean, green energy that is guaranteed to produce 80% of its output even after 25 years of constant operation. These systems are on top of millions of homes across the world, and there is more than enough sunlight in Ireland to make them work for you!

Solar PV systems are silent, have no moving parts, require very little maintenance and produce clean energy which is either delivered into the grid, or consumed on site.

We are a 100% Irish owned company based in Ferns, Co.Wexford and have dealt with the development and installation of solar projects from small rooftops to utility scale ground mounted solar farms in Germany and the UK since 2007. We have experience of installing many Mega-Watts of power, taking great care and pride in our work. Our good name is important to us, and we intend to keep it that way!

We are an independent company and it does not matter if you want one PV system for your home, or a development of two hundred houses, we use only the same top quality equipment that is considered bankable quality by large finance houses, and installed into their utility scale projects.

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