Commercial Solar PV Installation


Electricity bills can be a major part of the annual costs involved in running a business. Would you like to lower these bills and have your own clean electricity generating system?

With the reduction in Solar PV equipment costs, it is now worth looking at using unused roof and ground space you have around your premises to install your own electricity generating system.

If you have unshaded roof or ground areas a system can remain installed for 25+ years, we can:

  - Assess the suitability of your property

  - Using your current bills, calculate your annual electricity requirements

  - Inform you as to how much electricity can be produced at your location

  - The costs of installing a Solar PV system to match your requirements

  - Your payback period

To discuss the Solar PV options open to you, please either fill in the contact form below, call us on 053 93 66056 or email us on:


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