Residential electricity costs in Ireland are expensive and can be a substantial part of your monthly budget. Would you like to lower these bills and have your own clean electricity generating system operating silently on your roof top?

Millions of people around the world have already installed a Solar PV system on the roof of their home and are benefitting from a clean, reliable, source of electricity, while saving money off their electricity bills every month.

With the reduction in Solar PV equipment costs, it is now worth looking at using unused roof or ground space around your home to install your own electricity generating system.

If you have unshaded roof space, you can generate your own electricity.

To start with we will:

  - Assess the suitability of your property

  - Using your current bills, calculate your annual electricity requirements

  - Inform you as to how much electricity can be produced at your location

  - Advise you on planning restrictions

  - The costs of installing a Solar PV system to match your requirements

  - Calculate your payback period and how many years free electricity you will have

We all have a responsibility to do we can to reduce our level of carbon emmissions.

Every PV panel installed to provide electricity into Irish homes, means less fossil fuels have to be burnt to make the same electricity at power stations.

Future generations of your family will benefit from your Solar PV installation, directly and indirectly.

We are based in Ferns, Co.Wexford, operate nationwide, and have been developing and installing Solar PV systems since 2007.

Your PV system will produce electricity for many years so we only work with top quality equipment guaranteed to provide 80% of its nominal output after 25 years.

We will deliver you a top quality Solar PV installation as we firmly believe that happy customers who will recommend us to their friends and neighbours are what will grow our business quicker than any advertising campaign we do.

To discuss the best Solar PV sytem for you, email us on:

call 053 93 66 056, or fill in the short Contact Form below and we will get back to you, normally within 24 hours.

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