Green Investments is a trading name of Access Energy Ltd, a company registered in Ireland, No: 416757, whose directors are Kieran and Jane Holloway.

With our partners we have multiple decades of experience dealing with Solar PPA's, the development of solar farms and rooftop systems, and in sourcing top quality equipment as is used in all our Solar PV Installations.

Access Energy Ltd was established to help our clients diversify away from property based investments and into renewable energy investments initially in Germany and Italy, then including Italy and the USA..

With Solar PV systems now becoming viable in Ireland and with a support scheme due to come into effect in early 2018 under legislation being prepared by the Irish Government, the deployment of Solar PV in Ireland is expected to accelerate rapidly.

We aim to be at the forefront of Irish companies bringing a clean, secure, reliable source of energy to the market.


You can contact Kieran directly by clicking here.

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